Soft wheat flour obtained by grinding and consequent sifting of soft grains, freed from foreign substances and impurities.
Complies with the Italian legislation in force and in particular the law 04/07/1967 n. 580 and smi.


This plain, soft wheat flour is suitable for long proofing and preparations such as sweet and savoury croissants, Venetian brioche and many others. Perfect when used pure or mixed with other products in the Le Farine di Leonardo® line, Robustum® releases all its flavour and strength for both pastries and bread. The grains used are selected for their quality and give preparations the necessary rheological properties to undergo long proofing.


Flour with excellent capacity to absorb liquids, to incorporate fats and to support the addition of other ingredients to the dough es. chocolate, honey, raisins etc.
It maintains a great seal on the long fermentations
Allows the formation of a strong and tenacious dough, which develops greatly in cooking for the ability to retain carbon dioxide, without collapsing.

Cereals used

100% Italian soft grains


This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place at a temperature below 20 ° C and with a relative humidity ‹65%. For product delivered on pallets: remove the protective cellophane. The minimum conservation term is 12 months.


The packaging material used is made of paper and polyethylene and complies with current legislation (Reg. 1935/2004 / CE, Decree of 21/03/1973 and subsequent amendments, Presidential Decree 777/82 and subsequent amendments, Directive 94/62 / EC and smi and EU Regulation 10/2011 and subsequent amendments).

Unit sizes

  • Sacks of 25 Kg and 5 Kg
  • 1 Kg packages

Le “altre” Farine di Leonardo®