Soft Wheat Whole Grain Flour

Soft wheat flour, made from milled and sifted soft grains free of foreign bodies and impurities.
Complies with the Italian legislation in force and in particular the law 04/07/1967 n. 580 and smi. Contains ascorbic acid (E300).


Whole soft wheat flour, brushed and not reconstructed, with no added bran. This flour is flavourful and ideal alone or mixed for a host of preparations. Integrum® flour combines the healthiness of a top quality, whole wheat product with incredible versatility when compared with the usual whole wheat flour found in shops. Its full flavour and unique performance make it ideal for numerous preparations.


Preparation of dough using a direct method and an indirect method (chariot added to the dough for 30% and stored at 18-20 ° C for a time of about 10-12 hours). Finished products are obtained with medium alveolation size and regular and intense aroma.

Cereals used

100% Italian soft grains


This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place at a temperature below 20 ° C and with a relative humidity ‹65%. For product delivered on pallets: remove the protective cellophane. The minimum conservation term is 12 months.


The packaging material used is made of paper and polyethylene and complies with current legislation (Reg. 1935/2004 / CE, Decree of 21/03/1973 and subsequent amendments, Presidential Decree 777/82 and subsequent amendments, Directive 94/62 / EC and smi and EU Regulation 10/2011 and subsequent amendments).

Unit sizes

  • Sacks of 25 Kg and 5 Kg
  • Pallets of 10 qli
  • At least 30 quintals bulk
  • 1 Kg packages

Le “altre”Farine di Leonardo®