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How to use our website

How to use our website

We are introducing a new line of flour types and have dedicated a new portal entirely to them.

How to find your way about: each section is designed to provide a service or go more thoroughly into a subject so that professionals can get to know the new line.

In particular, the Recipes section presents on video some of the processes tested personally by chef Di Carlo for consistent, guaranteed results.

The Our Flours section provides technical info sheets for all the products, with the rheological and technical characteristics of the four flour types.


You are now in the News area, which will be dedicated to news, events and articles from the great little world of bakery.

Click on Our Project and About us to find additional information about the partnership between Molino Bertolo and Leonardo Di Carlo.

Finally, the Contacts section will allow you to communicate with us and ask for more information.

We are just setting out on this adventure, stay with us.